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David Cox, the Principal Owner of ThirdPartyBlogger.com, is a career generalist having served in six different career fields over the past 35 years. David writes to encourage those who choose to apply their multidisciplinary training and experiences to each of their career roles.

Customer Service: Lessons from Small Business Owners

Learning from small business owners

As my wife and I celebrate our third anniversary in business together, we are grateful for the experience. We‘re especially thankful for the small business owners with whom we’ve become acquainted. They’re impressive individuals, and I’ve learned a lot from them. However, the “quality” I admire most in every one of them is their steadfast commitment to customer service.

Building Self-confidence: An Essential Step for Business Success

Self-confidence is arguably an asset throughout our lives, but it seems particularly essential in building your business. The basis of your confidence may be in your skill, talent, education, or previous experience. Nevertheless, a self-confident business leader is critical to the success of your venture.

It’s not easy for prospective clients to have confidence in a consultant who is ill-prepared for a meeting or a presentation. It’s hard to think of a contractor as a professional when he/she is chronically late for appointments. Likewise, it’s challenging to support a small business whose owner mindlessly repeats the same mistakes. It’s no surprise when self-confident business leaders deliver results that attract more customers and clients.

Achieve Better Outcomes by Using a Simple Formula

Career Transitions: Inevitable challenges

As of this writing, my wife and I are celebrating the third anniversary of ThirdPartyBlogger.com. It seems only fitting that I devote this article to a lesson that has helped me in the daily development of this business. I sincerely hope that it can help you, whether you’re a business owner striving for better outcomes in a competitive market or an employee seeking further advancement.
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