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What Does It Mean for You to Act Like an Entrepreneur?

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Do you act like an entrepreneur? There are 22 million single-person business owners in the U.S. that operate with no employees. There are many who undoubtedly feel that a true entrepreneur is characterized simply by the level of risk or size of the investment required.

So, what does it mean for you to act like an entrepreneur?

I first considered this question in early 2018. Then, I read an article by author, blogger, and business coach Seth Godin titled, “The Four Elements of Entrepreneurship.”

In this article, Godin says that you act like an entrepreneur when you:

1. Make decisions about operational investments (risking time and money)
2. Invest in activities and assets that are not a sure thing
3. Persuade others to support a mission without a guarantee of success
4. Embrace (instead of running from) the work of doing things that might not succeed

Godin’s view reflects the same entrepreneurial spirit brought to the U.S. by our earliest farmers and merchants. They earned a living by selling what they grew from the land, handmade products, and providing skilled services.

It’s easy to get hung up on “risk-taking” and the size of one’s investment, but as Godin implies, acting like an entrepreneur is not the same level of risk as playing poker.

In fact, once you discover a product or service, you can bring it to market. If you offer exceptional service and have the wisdom to use the four elements (listed above), you’re on your way. Your entrepreneurial journey has begun and the growth of your business is likely, if not inevitable.

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