Blog Post Value: Growing Your Audience

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Do your blog articles offer anything of value that matters to your potential audience and successfully attracts their attention?

Blog Post Value: How to stand out in the crowd

A blog post value focuses on what your article offers readers. Specifically, the reason your article matters to them. Then again, if you discover an overall blog post value that repeatedly gains attention, it may help you plan more articles that will continue to attract a growing audience.

Generally speaking, your blog is competing for attention. The Internet, to be sure, is an increasingly crowded online market and growing every day.

As of a few minutes ago, according to, the Internet has over 4.2 trillion users throughout the world and includes over 1.6 trillion websites. What’s more, there have been over 5.2 trillion search requests on Google today (and the day isn’t over).

Therefore, if your goal is to grow your audience, you must gain the attention of enough Internet users to find your targeted group. Sure, posting online is an efficient and low-cost strategy for gaining attention. Nevertheless, doing so is no guarantee that anyone’s going to read your blog article.

Your interests are not necessarily of value to your readers

As a third-party blogger, I accept certain facts about blogging. For instance, if you want to gain the attention of more readers, a blog article may suggest solutions to a problem, or arouse curiosity. It could also provide a reader with helpful information. Perhaps you’ve written the article to inspire or even entertain an audience. Regardless, your blog article must provide some value. Otherwise, there’s no reason for anyone to read it.

The critical mistake made by many bloggers is writing articles about their interests or what’s important to them. Consider the following examples:

  1. Businesses owners often blog because they want to sell products and services
  2. Non-profit executives may blog to publicize their organization, their cause, or ask for donations
  3. Individuals may blog to promote themselves, their beliefs, or their opinions
  4. Others may blog to advance topics related to their specific role, or the industry they represent

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with any of these examples. However, they may not be of immediate importance to your readers. In that case, the articles probably won’t help you find and grow a target audience.

A blog post value attracts an audience

As stated, a blog post value focuses on what your article offers your readers. Thus, I recommend you develop your blog post values considering the following questions:

  1. Who benefits from this article (your target audience)?
  2. What value do my articles provide for my readers (solutions, information, instructions, education, how-to steps, etc.)?
  3. How am I trying to influence my audience (advice, support, wisdom, encouragement, counsel, etc.)?
  4. What action(s) can my readers take?

Blog Post Value: Expand your audience, and increase your following

As I have said, if you want to grow your audience, posting online is an efficient and low-cost strategy for gaining attention. However, if your articles fail to focus on the value you offer your readers, it’s unlikely you’ll attract a sufficient audience.

Therefore, you must consistently blog to provide value to your readers. As a result, you can better hope to expand your audience. As long as you continue to provide value, the individuals you attract are likely to become your loyal followers.

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