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Career Strategy: If You Want a Better Job, Become a Better Employee

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Here’s a career strategy that’s more common than you think: “I’ll become a better employee when I get a better job.”

There is a simple explanation as to why this strategy so often fails. You see, the best employers want to hire the best available employees. If that’s not you, it’s unlikely the employer will offer you the “better” job.

So, I recommend an alternative career strategy: If you want a better job, become a better employee.

This is a viable strategy that makes sense when you think about it. Your present job is an immediate opportunity to build your career brand as the kind of employee the best employers would want to hire.

You can support this career strategy with the following five practices:

1. Work productively every day — Be productive from the moment you arrive until it’s time to leave.

2. Keep your commitments — Do this consistently, and you will build credibility and reinforce your integrity and trustworthiness.

3. Take responsibility for your mistakes — When you make a mistake, inform your boss ASAP. Correct it and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

4. Maintain a positive attitude during stressful situations — These are prime opportunities to become known as someone who remains calm, even-tempered, and works well with others, even under stress.

5. Maintain an excellent on-time and attendance record — If you do this, it will help you build a reputation for reliability.

A viable career strategy requires solid execution. Fortunately, the five practices listed above are “brand-worthy.” Undoubtedly, with diligent effort and consistency, they will serve you well. Maybe it’s time to take action and start positioning yourself for career advancement.

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About the Author: David Cox

David Cox is a Co-owner of TPB Business Copyediting. He writes to encourage us to apply our multidisciplinary training and experiences to develop our current career role further.