Celebrating Our First Anniversary!

Celebrating progress. The benefits of our employee development seminars. What’s next?

By David Cox, SPHR, SHRM-SCP | October 3, 2017

We launched Employerwise LLC on September 16, 2016 and have just completed our first year in business. We’ve made excellent progress and are genuinely excited about our opportunities as our second year begins.

Our basic philosophy connected with Central Illinois employers. At Employerwise, LLC:

  • We believe employees are more successful when their employee role reflects the attitudes, behaviors, and actions most desired by their employers.
  • We teach employees how to develop their role so they can distinguish themselves, build greater job security, and position themselves for advancement.
  • We offer employee development seminars to effectively deliver this knowledge on-site and schedule group sessions to best accommodate workplace operations.

In speaking to the clients we’ve served and their employees, I’ve learned more about how they benefit from our employee development seminars. These benefits include:

  1. Employees consider employee development as an additional benefit they view favorably when considering a competitor’s job offer.
  2. Employee development fosters better employee retention. It makes employees feel important to the organization which in turn encourages their loyalty.
  3. By offering employee development, and expecting employees to participate, employers can attract individuals who are interested in improving their job qualifications and their contributions in the workplace.
  4. Employee development helps keep employees engaged, develops a pool of more capable employees, and identifies those ready for promotion.
  5. As employee development continues, customer service and support also improves. This improvement can strengthen customer relations, increase customer loyalty, and further enhance a company’s reputation for delivery of service.
  6. Effective employee development should not be classified as an expense, but as an investment because well-trained, confident, and engaged employees will become more productive and efficient.

As our second year gets underway, we want to accelerate the growth of our business and we’re asking for your help in any of the following areas:

  • Please check out our website at www.employerwise.com and learn more about the services we currently offer. Our seminars includes:
    • The Indispensable Employee (Most Popular)
    • Basic Employee Leadership (New)
    • Situational Negotiations
    • A Company in Transition
    • The Art of Personal Change
    • Managing Your Energy
    • Leadership Development
    • Basic Management Skills
  • Please go to www.employerwise.com/blog and subscribe to “The Employerwise Blog.” Each week, an article about an employee development topic will be delivered to your inbox as soon as it’s posted. You can also follow me on Twitter (@employerwise)

    I encourage you to “Like,” “Repost,” and “Retweet” these articles whenever you have an opportunity. Though the primary location of our client market is the Central Illinois area, we hope to carry our message of employee development and career advancement beyond the geographic area we serve.

  • Speaking opportunities. If you know anyone responsible for scheduling speakers for civic, employer, or employee organizations in Central Illinois, please let them know of my availability to speak on topics related to employee development. Feel free to provide them with my email address and phone number (217-358-9294) for direct contact.

We are grateful to our clients and supporters who have worked with us during our first year of operation. We pledge to these folks our best efforts as our relationship continues. As Employerwise, LLC enters its second year, we ask you to help us “spread the word” as we stand ready to offer our services and potential benefits to even more clients throughout Central Illinois.

David Cox


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