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Handling Objections Confidently — You Can Be READY!

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Here’s a career tip that’s helped me become increasingly confident in handling objections.

Do you struggle with handling objections? They can surface during a sales pitch, when presenting a business proposal, making recommendations at work, or even when interviewing for a job. If it happens again, you can quickly frame and select your response using the R.E.A.D.Y. acronym.

R — Reverse it. Perhaps the focus of their objection is the very reason they should buy from or work with you!

E — Explain it. I’ve found that, in most instances, handling objections calls for a simple, factual explanation.

A — Accept it. If someone raises an objection that is true and valid, accept it quickly and move on to other aspects that may outweigh the objection.

D — Deny it. If you know criticisms are groundless, inaccurate, or otherwise untrue, you have a responsibility to say so immediately. If you need to substantiate your position, do so with undeniable facts.

Y — Ask “why.” If you are handling objections that seem unclear, not applicable, or even ridiculous, don’t hesitate to ask “why” the individual feels it’s relevant.

Although I’ve heard some challenge this technique as being manipulative, I respectfully disagree. Sure, it’s memorable and easy to use, but it’s also a framework for handling objections that is both honest and transparent. Obviously, these are two characteristics that never hurt a business owner’s personal brand.

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