How to Make Progress at Work in 2018

What are you willing to change to achieve better outcomes at work this year?

By David Cox, SHRM-SCP | January 08, 2018

Throughout my career, I’ve learned that in the workplace, you’re the creator of your own outcomes. If you want better outcomes, you’ll need to change what isn’t working (or what isn’t working well) and do some things differently to achieve the best possible results.

At Employerwise, we decided to apply this lesson to the services and management of our own business. So, throughout this past year, we’ve solicited suggestions from our clients and participants, considered what they had to say, and are making appropriate adjustments.

Suggestions from participants came through interactions during presentations, exit surveys, direct conversations, and emails in response to follow-up questions. Suggestions from employers came through direct conversations, follow-up questions, and further contacts from our “just checking in…” emails.

Employees benefit

It’s been exciting to see employees benefit from our seminars in learning how to distinguish themselves, achieve greater job security, and position themselves for advancement. We also discovered that in a group setting, some of the employees begin to create a more supportive and collaborative workplace environment. This “group benefit” is an example of something we would have overlooked had we failed to speak with our clients.

Employers benefit

We’ve also discovered numerous benefits employers realize from our seminars, such as:

  • Employee engagement is more positive
  • Employee practice becomes more professional
  • Potential leaders are easier to identify
  • Better workplace practices yield more positive outcomes
  • Employees consider Employerwise seminars to be an additional benefit
  • Employees enjoy greater job satisfaction and confidence
  • Employee retention increases

Customers and clients

I was pleased to hear that customers and clients also benefit from our seminars. As employees progress in their development, the result is better customer relations, increased customer retention, and the company enjoys a stronger reputation for delivery of service.

Listening to suggestions

Once clients and participants began providing feedback, they seemed more than willing to offer suggestions; but we recognized that they were only willing to talk if we were willing to listen. We strongly considered the suggestions we received, and several proved very helpful.

Marketing and networking

We will soon begin using “MailChimp“ to deliver our Employerwise blog directly to friends, supporters, participants, and clients every other week. As the list of those interested in our progress and services has grown, it’s become more difficult to keep everyone informed on a timely basis. Hopefully, this direct delivery method will prove more effective and efficient.

Each mailing will provide a direct link to a newly released article, along with links to other recent articles. Most of these articles deal with subjects related to our employee development seminars, but we will occasionally talk about upcoming projects, events, and new developments.

Clients frequently suggested that I visit civic and chamber organizations in the communities I serve. This is an excellent suggestion. Visiting these organizations will give me numerous opportunities to meet more employers and learn more about the business environment in these communities.

We’ve already joined an excellent chamber organization with a top-notch professional staff, a solid membership, and numerous marketing and networking opportunities. We intend to take advantage of every networking opportunity that scheduling permits and our goal is to attend at least two such events per month. We’ve also invested in some of the available marketing opportunities.

Expanded seminar offerings

We launched our business in 2016 with three seminars, each concerned with employee development. However, in discussions with clients, only one of those seminars specifically targeted broad development principles essential to employee success. The other two, though beneficial and worthwhile to employees, were topical seminars focusing on 1-2 specific areas.

As a result, we now offer 10 seminars. Three are employee development seminars which address the three general areas most desired by employers: “Foundations for Employee Success” (positive attitude), “The Indispensable Employee” (collaborative interpersonal behaviors), and “Planning Your Professional Development” (better workplace practices).

In addition, we’ve developed seven other seminars to address single topics of significance to employee success. Examples of our new seminars include: “Coping with Workplace Transitions,” “Strategies for Peak Performance” (a wellness seminar) and “Building Your Credibility at Work.”


If you want 2018 to be a better year at work, you’ll need to evaluate what you’ve been doing, honestly and objectively. Ask the people you serve what they feel you do well and in what areas you need to improve. Make whatever changes are necessary so you can achieve better outcomes at work. One thing is certain, no progress will occur unless you’re willing to make some changes.

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