Making the Extra Hit

Taking Your Business to The Next Level

By David Cox, SPHR, SHRM-SCP | September 08, 2016

I once heard a story about a young baseball player who achieved his dream of making it to the Major Leagues.  He had talent and worked hard every day to be a good baseball player and make a positive contribution to his team.

And by all measures he was enjoying a really good career.  He was a solid right fielder who batted around .280 during his first two years in the majors.  Though successful, he was constantly concerned about being traded to another team and having to uproot his young family again.

One day, a veteran outfielder sat down with him to talk about his future.  He pulled out a yellow pad to go over the numbers with the young player and said, “You need to get one extra hit every nine times at bat.  If you get this extra hit you will increase your batting average from .280 to .310 and secure your career in Major League Baseball.”

The young player was astonished and replied, “It can’t possibly be that simple.”  And the veteran said, “It’s not.  You’re going up against some of the most talented pitchers in the world.  The toughest thing you will ever do is find a way to get that one extra hit every nine times at bat.”

The veteran explained that a .310 batting average would place him in the top of the batting order, incentivize team management to keep him with the organization, get the attention of teams contending for playoffs, attract endorsement opportunities, and increase potential earnings by approximately $10,000,000 in salary each year.

I work as an HR Management Specialist with 20 years of experience in the field.  I’ve watched HR professionals play a strong, supporting role in the success of the businesses they serve.  Where employers are wise enough to leverage the HR role and its functions, the business becomes even more successful.

What about your business?  Whether your goal is to more consistently hire the best talent, keep the organization compliant through its policies, design competitive practices in compensation and benefits, improve sales and service through training, or develop the Company’s next truly indispensable employees, HR best practices could provide the solutions you need to accomplish these things and much more.

Wise HR practices could be your organization’s next step—that “one extra hit” you need to take your business to the next level.