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Your Opportunity to Lead and Influence Employees

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A brief look at three qualities shared by influential leaders in their organizations

When does the opportunity to lead and influence employees arise?

The opportunity to lead and influence your people comes as one’s career progresses. It may come about as you’re building a business, assigned to lead a team, or when offered a management role within your organization.

Unquestionably, it would be best if you prepared in advance for this opportunity. However, you may already be in such a position, but it’s not going as well as you envisioned despite your hard work and best intentions.

Leadership qualities worthy of your time and practice

Before you decide to blame your employees (which is rarely effective), you may want to consider a different approach.

Dan Oswald, in an article written for The Oswald Letter: Insights for Business and Leadership, suggests that the best employers (leaders) share the following qualities: a passion for their work, a commitment to success, and loyalty to others.


Some of the finest employers I’ve known love their work. They enjoy getting up each day and coming to work ready for the next challenge.

They live the adage: “Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”  When employees work for leaders who love their job, that attitude can become contagious.


An opportunity to lead and influence requires commitment. When a leader is genuinely committed to success, employees want to become a part of that success. They want to contribute to what the team is trying to achieve.  They would never want to be the reason that a project or assignment fails.


Outstanding leaders are loyal to their organization. They are also faithful to the goals they are striving to achieve and the employees who embrace that vision.  Often, the leader’s reward is the loyalty of his/her employees.

Typically, these employees are willing to go the extra mile because they want to help achieve successful outcomes, knowing that their leader will “have their backs” as well.

The opportunity to lead and influence employees

Since there’s increasing pressure on organizations to be more innovative, leaders will need to find ways to influence employee innovation and improve their performance. Obviously, you could add many other qualities, but I wholeheartedly agree with the three listed above.

You see, it’s what these leaders say and do that motivates others to follow them. Moreover, it’s their passion, commitment, and loyalty that sets them apart and influences others to want to work for them.

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