The Blog Challenge: Attracting More Visitors to Your Website

No matter how attractive your website, or how much money you’ve invested in it, the site has little value if no one sees it.

David Cox | May 05, 2020

The Blog Challenge is a competition for attention

The Blog Challenge confronts all of us who are trying to attract more visitors to our respective websites. Many begin their online venture from the perspective that if they have a business website, everyone with Internet access will see it. Unfortunately, that perspective is grossly inaccurate.

In a recent article, reports the number of websites on the World Wide Web at just under 1.75 billion. That number is increasing steadily every minute. In other words, the competition for the attention of Internet users is a reality you cannot ignore.

Thus, the challenge for every business site is to stand out and attract more visitors. If you succeed, a percentage of these will undoubtedly become part of your expanding target audience.

The Blog Challenge is a commitment to quality

When someone discovers your website, they need to find content that is relevant to their interests. Furthermore, if your content is of sufficient quality, they’ll want to come back.

Your website is a venture, whether you sell a product, a service, or you’re promoting a cause. A blog can help you provide relevant content. In fact, it will help you attract more visitors, and over time, reach your target audience and firmly establish your brand.

How can The Blog Challenge benefit you and your business?

In truth, you represent the “voice” of your brand. Accordingly, it’s never too early to start promoting the value of your expertise, insights, and ideas. Although great products and services are necessary, they do not guarantee success in growing an audience.

Therefore, I recommend that you accept The Blog Challenge, regardless of what you sell or the cause you represent. Doing so will enable you to take advantage of the following benefits:

    1. Blogging can improve your website’s search engine ranking

      Relevant content offered regularly is a critical factor in your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) for Google and other search engines.

      Obviously, if you post original articles of value to your target audience, you may generate interest. That’s always a positive factor. However, if you use on-page SEO practices and improve readability, they will also become more “searchable.” That’s a success!

      Additionally, the more often you post fresh content, the more frequently search engines, such as Google, will index your site. As a result, it’s search engine rankings and visibility will improve.

      Furthermore, as you produce new material, you’ll find that Internet users are still discovering your prior postings. Altogether, your collective materials will offer increasing opportunities to reach visitors and grow your target audience.


    1. Blogging can help you discover mutually beneficial business relationships

      Blogs are an efficient, low-cost way to build potential business relationships. These relationships include customers, clients, and prospective employees. They can also include financial investors, lenders, equity partners, and others who can help your business grow.

      Your reach with a blog can quickly become much broader than traditional advertising. Subsequently, it’s never too early to start gathering prospective customers and building your brand.

      Learning to blog effectively can increase opportunities for engagements. These may include questions, comments, and eventually, purchases of products or services.

      Who knows? You may even discover unexpected revenue streams, such as speaking engagements or consulting. These opportunities could help supplement the startup phase of your business.


  1. Blogging can be a positive step toward using social media more effectively

    Every blog entry needs to be posted on social media and link back to your website. In doing so, you’ll learn how to use platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You may eventually decide to produce podcasts or YouTube videos.

    Customers these days expect to find your information where they are rather than where you are. Besides, you will likely reach a larger audience through social media much faster than relying primarily on search engine results.

    Social media also forces you to accept that you’re not merely trying to convey information. In essence, you’re trying to reach hearts and minds. Specifically, make your posts memorable. Don’t be afraid to engage, persuade, move, question, or inspire your audience to think and act.

    You are a storyteller and you’re attempting to tell the story of your venture. You’ll use examples, metaphors, quotes, and illustrations to make and remake the case for why your audience should listen to you. They will undoubtedly remember your stories and illustrations long after the information you share becomes dated.


Is it time for you to accept The Blog Challenge?

Accepting The Blog Challenge can help you grow your business as your website becomes more highly visible.

Blogging is a cost-effective way to help your website gain more attention and grow your online venture. What’s more, it can potentially enable you to reach your target audience. The more you engage your audience, the more likely you are to convert a percentage of them to customers/clients.

You may still be unsure about starting a scheduled blog or concerned that you may not have time to maintain this commitment. If so, contact your web designer or someone who writes and promotes content professionally, such as We’ll gladly provide more information about our services.


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