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The Career Generalists Blog — Perspective, Value, and Opportunity

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A blog for those who integrate their knowledge, skills, and extensive experience across a broad range of disciplines

We’ve focused on our business

I’m the Principal Owner of We promote web content for our clients. Specifically, we promote their blog posts, articles, videos, graphics, and other content to help our clients attract more visitors to their websites.

Why launch a blog about career generalists when it has little to do with our core business? It’s not as far-fetched an idea as you might think. This introduction will explain what I’m doing by transitioning this blog and why I’m doing it.

It’s time to refocus this blog

I’ve decided to move our blog’s theme towards subject matter and content meaningful to me. Accordingly, I hope that what I have to offer will prove helpful and possibly inspiring to others. However, unless the theme I choose is significant to me, what I write about will have little value to anyone else.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce the introduction of “The Career Generalists Blog.” A blog I’m dedicating to those who choose to build careers based on their interests and available opportunities. They progress in their careers by expanding their knowledge, learning new skills, and gaining extensive experience across a broad range of disciplines.

It’s time to value career generalists

Specialists invest their training and experience in a chosen field, hoping to do outstanding work and become recognized as experts. Indeed, as a society, we educate, train, promote, and value those with expertise.

On the other hand, we’re not always sure what to do with the person whose knowledge and background is broad rather than deep. These are the career generalists, and make no mistake; we need these talented individuals as well.

Why is the individual who hasn’t “specialized” in a particular field often considered less valuable? How can it be detrimental to have the intellect and drive necessary to gain knowledge and acquire new skills across multiple disciplines? Since when did versatility become an undesirable characteristic? I hope to address these questions and many others in The Career Generalists Blog.

My interest in career generalists

I am interested in this subject because I’m a career generalist. As generalists, we should be proud of our capabilities and accomplishments. After all, we are the ones who learn how to integrate our multidisciplinary training and experiences to meet the challenges of our work-related responsibilities.

In a career spanning over 35 years, I’ve held positions as a retail sales manager, a public school teacher, and a minister. I’ve also served as the manager of an Internet Service Provider. What’s more, I managed human resource functions and served as the Vice President of Administration for a rural telecommunications company.

My career has progressed with the knowledge and skills gained from my experience in each of these roles. Furthermore, I am convinced that my background has contributed to the progress that enjoys today.

My hope for you

I want to help career generalists grow in self-confidence and appreciation of the value they bring to their families, their employers, and their career roles. Moreover, I feel greater self-awareness will help them enjoy a more successful career.

It’s essential that you understand yourself, and how you think, to succeed in a generalist’s career. If you learn how to value the diversity of your capabilities and interests, you will undoubtedly bring more self-confidence and greater authenticity to your various career roles.

As such, you may find this is the best way to attract new opportunities and live up to your career potential. In fact, this different perspective may even bring you a greater sense of satisfaction with your life and relationships.

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About the Author: David Cox

David Cox is a Co-owner of TPB Business Copyediting. He writes to encourage us to apply our multidisciplinary training and experiences to develop our current career role further.