What if I Don’t Have Time to Update My Blog?

The only thing worse than having nothing to write is having to write something.

By David Cox | October 23, 2018

Introducing ThirdPartyBlogger.com

As the name implies, we’re a third-party blogging service for busy professionals whose duties include blog writing. Our clients are smart enough to realize the importance of publishing a blog on a regular basis, but wise enough to admit that they don’t have the time to write quality content in addition to their other responsibilities.

I’ve known many business owners that made a substantial investment in a website. They planned to write weekly or semi-monthly articles for the new site. They began this task with great enthusiasm. Some were successful in their efforts, but most, within a few weeks, found it to be a burdensome, time-consuming task. Soon the blog is forgotten.

As third-party bloggers, we can help. We strive to produce engaging articles written to fit Google’s criteria for quality content. By doing so, a website‘s blog results in more frequent indexing of the site by Google Search (and other search engines). Thus, the appearance of new blog articles on a regular basis becomes a critical factor in an organization’s web strategy.

Yes, we have a blog

The TPB Blog will focus on workplace topics such as employee development, leadership, job-related issues, and other factors that determine outcomes at work. Our blog has attracted thousands of viewers and social media followers to our site, and we want to continue to share ideas with our readers. Additionally, we want to help clients do the same to reach their target audience.

Why do we offer blogging services?

Writing blogs is how I enjoy spending my time, so the opportunity to write blog articles for others is very appealing. It is exciting to be able to offer this service to professionals in an ever-increasing online market of business and organization websites.

Regardless of how much I enjoy research and writing, this is a business, and if we’re to succeed in this endeavor, it’s imperative that we provide quality service, produce a quality product, and do so for a reasonable price.

Why should you consider using a blogging service?

There are many reasons why regular blogging on your website is a good idea, but it’s a time-consuming task. Fortunately, you can outsource this function to a trained, experienced writer. I recommend this option because doing so offers the best chance for successfully maintaining your blog on a long-term basis.

Hiring a third-party blogger is no different than hiring an accountant, a landscaper, a chef, an IT administrator, an HR specialist, or any other individual with specialized skills. If you require a particular skill set to help your organization succeed, and it’s not in your “wheelhouse,” there’s nothing wrong with hiring a professional with the right talent, training, and experience to back you up.

Contact us today

If you need help to start or maintain a blog on your website, contact us for additional information. If you prefer, email me directly at david.cox@thirdpartyblogger.com. We would welcome an opportunity to discuss how our blogging services could potentially free more of your time, simplify this task for you, and contribute to the success of your website.

David Cox


David is an SEO Content Writer for ThirdPartyBlogger.com, which is a blogging and writing service for busy website owners. His expertise in content writing and search engine optimization (SEO) helps his clients save time and attract more visitors to their websites.

Please contact David if you need help in writing SEO content and blog articles. He would welcome an opportunity to discuss how his services could contribute to the success of your website.