Writing for Work: How to Avoid Career Embarrassment

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Here are three strategies that can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Writing for work can have career implications. Have you ever discovered a grammar, spelling, or punctuation error you made when writing for work—but only after you published or presented it?

That’s why it’s essential to proofread anything you write that represents you and your business. Many people will judge you on the quality of your writing, whether it’s fair to do so or not.

Here are three additional strategies that can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes when writing for work.

1) Read your draft text aloud.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this and caught an error I had repeatedly overlooked. These are problems that even tools such as spellcheck and Grammarly typically miss.

2) Avoid writing content at the last minute.

If you write in a hurry, you’re more likely to make mistakes. Instead, try to finish your writing at least a day before taking a “final look.” It’s easier to notice errors when you review your work with “fresh eyes.”

3) Use another “set of eyes” to check your work.

If you work alone, or no one you work with has reliable proofreading skills, hiring a copy editor may be an inexpensive solution.

It’s worth the extra time and effort to avoid embarrassing mistakes when writing for work. You always want your writing to represent you and your business in the best possible manner.

To put it another way, discovering a mistake you made in writing for work after it’s published and presented will not likely help your credibility or reputation.

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