The Wisdom of Blogging for Nonprofits

Why should a nonprofit organization have a blog on its website?

There are three primary reasons that nonprofits should blog:

  1. A blog will enable your organization to publish relevant, updated content to volunteers and the public at large.
  2. A blog will strengthen your power to influence public opinion.
  3. Finally, a blog will encourage your readers to become part of your community, working towards continuing development and the fulfillment of your mission.

Another significant benefit of blogging is that search engines favor fresh content. As a result, your likelihood of appearing higher in search engine ranking results increases dramatically. Those improved results will translate into increased “traffic” with more visitors exposed to the message and work of your organization.

Blogs Offer New Content

Updated content continuously drives more traffic to a website and offers a multitude of opportunities to keep visitors interested. A nonprofit website without a blog misses these opportunities. Moreover, if your site provides updated posts and articles with new content on a regular basis, it eliminates the need to build additional web pages to generate traffic.

Blogs Increase Credibility

When your organization offers a blog, it not only adds a measure of management professionalism, it also increases the credibility of the organization’s mission with your target audience. If you continue to publish relevant content, it becomes much easier to relate your knowledge, message, authority, and influence within the field.

Blogs Build Community

A blog continues to be one of the most effective ways to build an online community of diverse, yet like-minded individuals. By creating content that conveys your commitment to a cause, folks from different backgrounds but with similar interests will find it beneficial to connect with your organization. A blog gives you the platform to communicate with people who are genuinely interested in your message and the work of your organization.

Blogs Spread Awareness

A well-written blog is beneficial in creating awareness. For example, if you update your blog with exciting news and success stories from volunteers, you’ll not only provide current news about the work and results of your organization, you’ll also highlight the individual volunteers who spearhead these efforts.

Volunteers can then interact with visitors through engaging stories, reports, and comments. Hopefully, visitors will feel inspired to become part of your organization whether as donors or volunteers.

Blogs Are Economical

If your organization has a well-designed website, blogging is one of the most economical and cost-effective development tools in reaching your target audience beyond your traditional geographic area. It attracts attention and helps you market your message and work to a much wider audience.


Your nonprofit organization can ultimately attract a broader audience to your website, create awareness about your mission, and because of that, drive the recruitment of prospective volunteers. Blogging remains one of the most effective ways to deliver the message of your organization to a growing audience, at a minimal cost.

David Cox


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