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Writing for Work: How to Avoid Career Embarrassment

Writing for work can have career implications. Have you ever discovered a grammar, spelling, or punctuation error you made when writing for work—but only after you published or presented it? That’s why it’s essential to proofread anything you write that represents you and your business. Many people will judge you on the quality of your writing, whether it’s fair to do so or not.

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Old Rules: A Lesson About Commas and Your Career Success

A college instructor opened her English 101 class with the question: “Does a comma 'always' follow words such as -- next, then, and finally -- at the beginning of a sentence? Most of the students indicated their agreement, with several commenting about learning this practice in their high school English classes. The instructor then said, “There is no rule that a comma ‘always’ follows a particular word or phrase. The use of a comma depends on syntax (the structure of a sentence), pace, tone, and even personal preference.”

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Handling Objections Confidently — You Can Be READY!

Here's a career tip that's helped me become increasingly confident in handling objections.

Do you struggle with handling objections? They can surface during a sales pitch, when presenting a business proposal, making recommendations at work, or even when interviewing for a job. If it happens again, you can quickly frame and select your response using the R.E.A.D.Y. acronym.
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