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From Employee to Business Owner: Adopting a New Mindset

Four changes in mindset are necessary to begin thinking like a successful business owner

A business owner's transition from an employee mindset is imperative for launching a successful business startup. As an employee, you may have long dreamed of starting a business, setting your schedule, and determining your business's priorities.
By |February 22nd, 2021|

Courage, Contribution, and Your Career Advancement

Courage is often required when employees endeavor to contribute to their organization. Courage is not always about heroic actions with life and death consequences. Sometimes, it takes courage to contribute to the organization and risk failure at work. What you contribute to the organization will ultimately determine your opportunities for career advancement. However, as an employee, it may take courage to make new decisions, assert yourself, share new ideas and risk others’ criticisms.

By |February 15th, 2021|

How Maturity at Work Supports Career Advancement

Maturity at work is essential to demonstrating your value to the organization. It can help earn the respect of co-workers, strengthen teamwork, build better customer relations, and garner support for further career advancement. However, despite the apparent advantages of mature behavior at work, immaturity is a common problem in the workplace.

By |February 1st, 2021|

How a Positive Attitude Can Impact Your Career Momentum

The question of a positive attitude A positive attitude at work refers to an overall outlook, characterized by confidence in one’s job performance and the determination to fulfill essential responsibilities, regardless of any challenging circumstances. Is a positive attitude part of your strategy for keeping your career on track? I assure you that it is essential to your career objectives.

By |January 18th, 2021|

Your Inner Critic: How to Manage the Voice of Self-Doubt

The term inner critic is certainly not an original term. I use it to describe the voice in my mind that expresses my self-doubts whenever I consider a new career opportunity. My inner critic gives voice to all the reasons I will most likely fail if I choose to pursue the opportunity. It also reminds me that if I stay in a role that is familiar, it will seem safe and comfortable.

By |January 4th, 2021|
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