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God, the United States, the Internet, and the Need for Credible Facts

How to avoid embarrassing yourself at the grocery store (and use appropriate capitalization)

God, the United States, and the Internet are not frequent topics at our grocery store. However, while shopping recently, I saw a man venting at the clerk checking his groceries. I’m not sure what started his tirade, but it focused on politicians and the news media.
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Don’t Allow Others to Steal the Credit for Your Work

Have you ever completed a project successfully at work only to have someone else steal the credit for your work?

What happens when someone steals the credit you deserve?

Stealing credit for the work of others happens all too often. You've just finished a project at work and the results were positive on all fronts. This success could not have come at a more opportune moment because you're only a couple of weeks away from your year-end review at work.
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Employee Termination Idioms Survey Reveals Common Expressions

Here are the results of our poll concerning the most common expressions associated with employee termination. A week ago, I launched a poll on LinkedIn asking: How does your workplace typically express the act of termination to an employee? As a copy editor and blogger, I was curious about how different employers use various idioms to communicate this action.

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