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How a Positive Attitude Can Impact Your Career Momentum

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The question of a positive attitude A positive attitude at work refers to an overall outlook, characterized by confidence in one’s job performance and the determination to fulfill essential responsibilities, regardless of any challenging circumstances. Is a positive attitude part of your strategy for keeping your career on track? I assure you that it is essential to your career objectives.

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Your Opportunity to Lead and Influence Employees

A brief look at three qualities shared by influential leaders in their organizations

When does the opportunity to lead and influence employees arise?

The opportunity to lead and influence your people comes as one's career progresses. It may come about as you’re building a business, assigned to lead a team, or when offered a management role within your organization.
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Writing for Work: How to Avoid Career Embarrassment

Writing for work can have career implications. Have you ever discovered a grammar, spelling, or punctuation error you made when writing for work—but only after you published or presented it? That’s why it’s essential to proofread anything you write that represents you and your business. Many people will judge you on the quality of your writing, whether it’s fair to do so or not.

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