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Handling Objections Confidently — You Can Be READY!

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Here's a career tip that's helped me become increasingly confident in handling objections.

Do you struggle with handling objections? They can surface during a sales pitch, when presenting a business proposal, making recommendations at work, or even when interviewing for a job. If it happens again, you can quickly frame and select your response using the R.E.A.D.Y. acronym.

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The Career Path of the Generalist is Worth Consideration

Our society expects us to choose a career and focus on developing skills and expertise in “one field” for the rest of our lives. In other words, everyone expects us to have discovered our career choice and decide how we’re going to develop expertise and prepare to land our ideal job. Furthermore, we need to make many of our preliminary career choices and decisions before graduating from high school. A hundred years earlier, in a society with less complexity and diversity of career roles, the above goals and timetable probably seemed reasonable. However, maybe it’s time to consider that a generalist may also benefit from preparing for a diverse but progressive career.

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Your Opportunity to Lead and Influence Employees

A brief look at three qualities shared by influential leaders in their organizations

When does the opportunity to lead and influence employees arise?

The opportunity to lead and influence your people comes as one's career progresses. It may come about as you’re building a business, assigned to lead a team, or when offered a management role within your organization.
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