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Insecurities at Work: Five Essential Coping Strategies

What can you do when insecurities at work limit your self-confidence on the job and threaten your career progress?

What to do about insecurities at work

We give our insecurities at work a variety of labels. For instance, we may refer to inferiority, inadequacies, lacking self-confidence, and other descriptors for a problem that keeps us from experiencing success at work.
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God, the United States, the Internet, and the Need for Credible Facts

How to avoid embarrassing yourself at the grocery store (and use appropriate capitalization)

God, the United States, and the Internet are not frequent topics at our grocery store. However, while shopping recently, I saw a man venting at the clerk checking his groceries. I’m not sure what started his tirade, but it focused on politicians and the news media.
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Asking Children: What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

What do you want to be when you grow up? As a child, my ideas about how to answer this question changed frequently. Whenever I found a subject, industry, or a job that seemed interesting, I would “dive in” (a generalist’s attribute) and envision myself in those roles. My parents expected me to stay in school, and one day, have a career. I wanted to embrace that expectation but couldn’t figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. However, I only wanted to pursue work in a particular field if I genuinely found it interesting.

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Career Opportunity: What’s the Potential of Your Current Job?

Obviously, not every job is a career opportunity, but before you quit, maybe your current job deserves further consideration

What is a career opportunity? A career opportunity traditionally refers to a job that provides a chance for you to use your training, develop additional skills, and have a realistic potential for future advancement. I have observed that individuals who identify their job as a career opportunity tend to be more productive, perform better, and advance further than those who don't.
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How a Positive Attitude Can Impact Your Career Momentum

The question of a positive attitude A positive attitude at work refers to an overall outlook, characterized by confidence in one’s job performance and the determination to fulfill essential responsibilities, regardless of any challenging circumstances. Is a positive attitude part of your strategy for keeping your career on track? I assure you that it is essential to your career objectives.

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