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Asking Children: What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

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What do you want to be when you grow up? As a child, my ideas about how to answer this question changed frequently. Whenever I found a subject, industry, or a job that seemed interesting, I would “dive in” (a generalist’s attribute) and envision myself in those roles. My parents expected me to stay in school, and one day, have a career. I wanted to embrace that expectation but couldn’t figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. However, I only wanted to pursue work in a particular field if I genuinely found it interesting.

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Handling Objections Confidently — You Can Be READY!

Here's a career tip that's helped me become increasingly confident in handling objections.

Do you struggle with handling objections? They can surface during a sales pitch, when presenting a business proposal, making recommendations at work, or even when interviewing for a job. If it happens again, you can quickly frame and select your response using the R.E.A.D.Y. acronym.
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Career Opportunity: What’s the Potential of Your Current Job?

Obviously, not every job is a career opportunity, but before you quit, maybe your current job deserves further consideration

What is a career opportunity? A career opportunity traditionally refers to a job that provides a chance for you to use your training, develop additional skills, and have a realistic potential for future advancement. I have observed that individuals who identify their job as a career opportunity tend to be more productive, perform better, and advance further than those who don't.
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An Expert at Your Job: Seven Steps That Can Boost Your Career

You can take the steps necessary to develop expertise at your job and enjoy the career benefits.

Why is it important to become an expert at your job? I've learned that developing expertise at one's job is consistent with career success. Moreover, I've watched employees in different fields accomplish this goal in the early, middle, and even later stages of their careers. Thus, if you are looking for a promotion or raise, you have to prove you can add more value to the organization. The best way to do this is to continually feed your career with skills and knowledge that show you are worth the raise and promotion.
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