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David & Sharon Cox

David & Sharon Cox

My name is David Cox. My wife, Sharon, and I are the co-owners of ThirdPartyBlogger.com. We have spent the last six years providing services to help our clients attract a growing audience to their websites.

We write website content and blog posts applying search engine optimization standards (SEO). These standards enhance searchability (Google Search) and use readability.

We also provide copyediting services for those who want to write content but need SEO standards. Although we provide regularly scheduled services for our clients, we also accept individual projects as consulting assignments.

You may feel that your website’s written content needs a more consistent, polished, and professional appearance. If you would like to accomplish this objective but need to devote your time to other essential functions—contact us. I assure you—we can help.

David Cox
David CoxContent Writer | Copy Editor | Co-owner

Writing and copyediting have played a vital role in my career roles over the last 35 years. I’ve written numerous articles for professional and trade professional publications in the fields of teacher education, church ministry, rural telecommunications, and human resource management.

Writing also played a vital role in my educational experience. I hold a bachelor’s degree in teacher education from John Brown University. I also hold graduate and post-graduate degrees in Christian administration from the Masters International School of Divinity.

Since the launch of ThirdpartyBlogger.com, I have written website content, blog articles, and social media posts for dozens of clients in various industries. In fact, over the last six years, I’ve written over 285 blog articles and content for dozens of websites.

Additionally, I served as the general Copy Editor for the book Dementia Action Plan: How to Give Your Brain a Fighting Chance, by Hamid Reza Sagha, M.D.

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Sharon Cox
Sharon CoxBusiness Manager | Copy Editor | Co-owner

I have worked as an executive assistant for over 30 years in secondary and higher education, rural telecommunications, and county government. These positions afforded significant experience in writing, copyediting, and proofreading.

David and I share a love of the written word and place a high value on persuasive and accurate written communication. Additionally, we greatly respect small business owners and American workers, especially in this ever-changing and increasingly challenging world.

David and I embraced life in Central Illinois 30 years ago and raised three children in Lovington, Illinois. We are proud parents of a son, two daughters, and grandparents to four beautiful granddaughters.

I retired from my job with the Moultrie County Assessment Office in 2021, and we relocated to Springfield, Illinois, to be closer to our grandchildren.

We now enjoy spending time with family and working on our business, helping people achieve more effective written communication. We are ready to help you achieve your business and career goals by strengthening the print and online written content representing your business to the world.

What is SEO Content Writing?

The acronym “SEO” refers to search engine optimization. SEO writing focuses on grabbing the attention of search engines.

Initially, we use keywords or keyphrases appropriate to your post or other website content. Then we optimize that content to meet the SEO guidelines that Google Search established for informational content, format, and user readability.

Why is SEO Content Writing Important to You?

Search engines connect Internet users with the content for which they are searching. Generally, SEO writing is a way to attract people searching for specific topics.

Website owners need search engines to direct people to their sites. Subsequently, an SEO writer can help you work towards accomplishing this goal.

Using SEO standards in content writing allows your content to rank more favorably on Google Search. As of December 2022, Google Search is still the undisputed leader of the global search engine market, with an 84% share.

The Benefits of an SEO Content Writer

An SEO content writer completes the assignment on time and in a professional manner. While your SEO writer completes the job, you can devote your time to doing things only you can accomplish.

An SEO content writer can:

  • Give your articles a polished, professional appearance.
  • Write for your intended audience.
  • Implement Google’s guidelines for SEO and readability.
  • Apply SEO standards to individual web pages.
  • Correct misspellings and poorly constructed sentences.
  • Help you avoid clichés and overused phrases.
  • Identify support material (for inbound and outbound links).
  • Project a consistent, credible image through your blog and content.
  • Save your time to apply your expertise where it’s needed most.

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