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  •’s Ethical Standards

The purpose of ethical standards is to promote values such as integrity, quality services, trust, fairness, goodwill, and respect for authority. We have considered those standards we feel are most applicable to the work of Our work for clients includes search engine optimization (SEO) copyediting and promoting website content through social media.

Our ethical standards concerning our business:

  1. We will not misrepresent the services of our company or our professional qualifications
  2. We will strive to deliver written content, apply content SEO standards, and promote content using appropriate social media strategies for the clients we serve
  3. We will not represent the work of others as our own

Our ethical standards in working with our clients:

  • We are committed to fairness in the treatment of each client
  • We will not make false promises or guarantees
  • We will not do anything that could harm a client’s business or reputation
  • We will maintain our client’s confidentiality and anonymity

Our ethical standards to the Internet community and governing authorities:

  • We will not intentionally violate the rules or standards of search engines
  • We will not intentionally violate the rules or standards of social media platforms
  • We will not intentionally violate any applicable laws and regulations
  • We will not intentionally deceive visitors, mislead consumers, or “game” search engines

Although we did not create these ethical standards, they are nonetheless meaningful to our business. Many individuals and organizations have been doing extensive work in the area of SEO ethics for quite some time.

There were sources we found particularly helpful and want to acknowledge their leadership in this area. The first is a unique code of ethics established by the Thrive Internet Marketing Agency. The second is an extensively detailed code of ethics developed by Bruce Clay, Inc., a search marketing optimization firm.

In our case, we developed our standards based on a September 2009 article by marketing and SEO expert Thomas Schmitz. He devoted this article to raising several questions designed to reveal the ethical standards for which one feels most passionate.

We surveyed resources for discussions about and examples of ethical standards as applied to SEO and web content services. Then, we chose the ones we felt consistently applicable to our work with clients at

Finally, I decided how to express each in a manner that reflects the values we hope to promote. I’m confident our ethical standards will serve us well, but we’re sure they will grow in scope along with our business.