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The Benefits of a Third-Party Blogger

Should you write your website’s blog or hire a trained, experienced writer for this essential task?

Congratulations!  You’re now a website owner with an attractive site that is open to a digital world that is growing daily.  Now, you want to start a blog, but would prefer to keep it in-house to save money.  You don’t see the value in hiring an experienced blogger.  There are real benefits to outsourcing your blog.  Consider the following:

1. You will never have enough time to do it yourself

I’ve been blogging on a regular basis for two years, and this is the first time I’ve written about the benefits of blogging services.  Most website owners recognize the value of maintaining a blog on their site, but they don’t realize how time consuming it can become.

Unfortunately, it’s one of those tasks that always gets pushed back to tomorrow, a day that never comes. It is like the cobbler’s children that have no shoes.  Honestly, writing a single blog is not going to make your business an overnight success.  It’s not going to bring in a flood of new customers.  There’s always going to be an excuse for not writing a new blog post this week (and the next, and the week after that, etc.).

Blogging is a regular, habitual function that you do on an ongoing basis and its benefits are evident over time.  It’s a long-term commitment.  An experienced blogger makes regular blogging a priority and is accustomed to meeting schedules and deadlines.

2. A blog delivers added value to current and potential customers

The best way to attract more visitors to your website and keep them coming back is for you to add value to your customers’ lives. When you add value to their lives, you become someone they turn to for help.  When you add value to your customer’s business, you become someone they turn to for information and advice.

3. A blog can help your organization establish credibility

A well-written blog with relevant content positions your business as a leader in your industry. Regularly published blogs inevitably result in attracting new visitors to your website.

Blog posts can provide value to your target audience by answering questions and offering solutions to problems, which builds credibility.  You cannot purchase credibility.  You must earn it over time.  Credibility leads to trust, which can lead to further engagement and ultimately more sales.  Blogging becomes a valuable tool in your overall marketing strategy, but only if you provide your target audience with quality content that adds value related to their interests.

4. A blog can help you establish credibility

A blog can offer immediate value to your current and potential customers through relevant, useful information and it delivers that value on a cost-effective basis. Additionally, one of the truly significant benefits of a blog is that it can help you establish credibility with your target audience.

Content is king. You’ve heard it a thousand times because the statement is true. A blog can help people learn more about you, the products you sell, the services you offer, or the work of your non-profit organization. If you consistently provide high-quality content that is relevant and useful for your audience, they will see you as an authority, a credible and trustworthy source of information. You’ll become the go-to person whenever they need something they know you can provide.

5. An experienced blogger knows how to connect with your target audience

An experienced blogger is usually successful over time because of one essential characteristic – they know how to write.  Knowing how to write effectively means knowing how to connect with your target audience. They know how to hold the attention of the reader and engage them.

There are times when it’s necessary to focus on how a sentence is constructed or finding the right word that will communicate the message as clearly as possible. Keeping the reader engaged is critical to the success of a blog.

 6. A blogger can bring new perspectives

When you hire an experienced blogger, you’re hiring someone who knows how to write well. They also have a broad knowledge base and the ability to communicate technical aspects of your business to your prospects and current customers.  These skills and abilities are not always easy to find but typically come with new perspectives, insights, and ideas.

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If you’re a website owner, I invite you to contact us today.  We would welcome an opportunity to discuss whether our blogging services could help you save time and attract more visitors to your website.  If so, we could play a small role in promoting your business to achieve even greater success.  We can be contacted at (217) 827-4427 or contact me by email at david.cox@thirdpartyblogger.com.

Fee Schedule

Blogging Services:
We base the following quotes on content-length of approximately 500 words.

One blog post per month – $75.00
Two blog posts per month – $65.00 per post
Three or more blog posts per month – $55.00 per post

Web Content
We base the following quotes on every 500 words of web content.

Website content creation $55.00
Copyediting $25.00

Additional Hourly Fees

We will charge additional hourly fees to clients for communications (phone calls, chats, video conferencing, emails, etc.) and meetings requiring time beyond blogging, copyediting, and web content services. We will invoice the time necessary for these communications (with payment due in 30 days) at a rate of $34.00 per hour.


We offer consulting services to help clients grow their target audience on the World Wide Web. We use content and social media strategies to provide clients with a non-technical approach using routine tasks and functions. This approach does not require an investment in web advertising. We will invoice our consulting time (with payment due in 30 days) at a rate of $68 per hour.

Public Speaking

We negotiate all fees for public speaking in advance.  We will consider usual and customary fees paid by organizations.  Each year, we schedule 3-4 pro bono speaking engagements for volunteer, charitable, and civic organizations. Mileage fees apply to all speaking engagements.