TPB Business Copyediting Services & Fees

  • Business Copyediting Service

Business Copyediting

We copyedit almost every type of written content associated with your business, including but not limited to the following:

  • Advertising copy
  • Blog articles and posts
  • Business letters
  • Business plans
  • Business proposals
  • Business reports
  • Case studies
  • Company profiles
  • Emails
  • Employee handbooks
  • Grant narratives
  • Internal business documents
  • Job applications
  • Job descriptions
  • Job posts
  • Marketing materials
  • Newsletters
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Press releases
  • Product descriptions
  • Requests for proposals (RFPs)
  • Service descriptions
  • Training materials
  • Website content
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How much do we charge for business copyediting?

Our flat rate for business copyediting is 3 cents per word, based on the original copy we receive from you.

We invoice clients at the end of the month or upon project completion, with payment due in 30 days. Furthermore, we will invoice for additional fees1 and mileage charges2 when applicable.

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  • Online Copyediting Services

SEO Copyediting (Online Content)

Additionally, we offer an SEO copyediting service to optimize your online written content beyond business copyediting. The acronym “SEO” refers to search engine optimization.

Our objective is to support you in meeting Google’s SEO and user readability standards. Doing so helps search engines “connect” individuals making queries to your website.

Specifically, we offer SEO copyediting for our client’s websites, blogs, and social media. This service involves finding and correcting errors and applying SEO standards to your online content.

SEO is vital to you because Internet users on desktops launch approximately 75% of all search queries on Google. Furthermore, those using mobile devices initiate over 90% of all search queries on Google.

In other words, you want your website to attract the attention of Google – and we want to help you accomplish this objective.

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How much do we charge for SEO copyediting?

Our flat rate for SEO copyediting your online content (business copyediting + SEO application) is 4 cents per word.

We invoice clients at the end of the month or upon project completion, with payment due in 30 days. Furthermore, we will invoice for additional fees 1 and mileage charges2 when applicable.

If you are interested in our SEO copyediting service, please contact us or call us at (217) 827-4427. We will gladly discuss your SEO copyediting project’s scope and verify an estimate of its completion cost.

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How Can a Copy Editor Help You?

A Copy Editor can help you improve your text so that it communicates credibly, professionally, and consistently. This quality is essential because your written content ultimately reflects on you, your business, and your reputation.

Those in business who engage Copy Editors want their work product, administrative documents, and online content to reflect the following attributes:


Ensure the text speaks to its intended audience


Resolve redundancies and ambiguities


Correct word misusages, dropped words, and spacing errors


Make sure the text is free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors


Ensure the text highlights the subject and key points


Make sure the text  points to specific outcomes and actions

We do not ask clients to sign long-term contracts. In fact, you may want to use our services for a couple of engagements to see whether we produce the type of results that would justify your investment.

If you do not feel the results justify the expense, just let us know at any time, and you’re under no further obligation. On the other hand, if you find the results favorable, please let us know, and we will schedule the time to accommodate your projects and engagements.

Additional Fees and Mileage Charges

1Additional Fees:

We charge additional fees to clients for communications (phone calls, chats, video conferencing, emails, etc.) Likewise, we charge for the time involved in meetings or conference calls. The rate for time spent in these activities is $45.00 per hour. We will invoice these charges at the end of the month or upon completing the project/engagement.

2Mileage Charges:

When mileage charges apply, we will bill our clients at a rate of 56 cents per mile for business miles driven. This rate is the standard set by the IRS for the calendar year 2021.