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My name is David Cox. My wife, Sharon, and I are the co-owners of ThirdPartyBlogger.com (TPB). Together, we provide blogging, content writing, and copyediting services for clients scattered throughout the U.S.

We provide these services remotely from our home office in Central Illinois. Even so, our clients have represented numerous industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, agribusiness, non-profit organizations, and a variety of small businesses.

Additionally, we’re available for on-site projects with businesses and organizations located throughout Central Illinois. Typically, we perform these projects on a contract or part-time basis.

Do You Have Time to Write Blog Articles?

Obviously, if you don’t have time to write, creating content for your website may prove to be a difficult task. Likewise, writing a weekly blog post can soon become an incredibly time-consuming and frustrating endeavor.

Surprisingly, many business and organizational leaders hire third-party bloggers. Hiring an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) writer to blog for you is no different than hiring an accountant, a landscaper, a chef, a marketing coordinator, an IT administrator, or any other individual with specialized skills.

We’re glad you’re here, and we invite you to check out our website for further details about our services. We also encourage you to subscribe to our TPB Blog. Finally, our fee schedule is only a click away — no surprises. We’re confident you’ll find our prices affordable in comparison to our competitors.

What is SEO Content Writing?

The acronym “SEO” refers to Search Engine Optimization. SEO writing focuses on grabbing the attention of search engines. Initially, we use keywords or keyphrases appropriate to your article or other website content. Then, we optimize that content to meet high standards of SEO guidelines (Google), informational value, and user readability.

Why is this important to you?

Search engines connect Internet users with content that satisfies their search intentions. Generally, SEO writing is a way to attract people who may be searching for specific topics. Website owners need search engines to direct people to their site. Subsequently, an SEO writer can help you work towards accomplishing this goal.

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SEO Content Writing: An Essential Balance

Your website needs well written, search engine-directed content. Why? If SEO delivers more traffic to your site, they will only stay (and later return) if your content is written for them rather than a search engine’s algorithm. SEO content writing helps provide an essential balance to your written content. Therefore, SEO guidelines must blend with quality writing that addresses what is of interest to your audience.

You have other options

  • Do it yourself and take time away from your essential responsibilities
  • Assign an employee or hire someone locally to write for you, or
  • It doesn’t get done (This is your default option if you make no other choice)
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ThirdPartyBlogger.com to the Rescue!

You’re making a significant investment in creating a professional website. As such, it deserves high-quality web content written with search engine optimization in mind. Consider the competition related to finding a target audience:

  1. There are almost 4.8 trillion Internet users in the world
  2. These individuals have access to over 1.8 trillion websites
  3. The number of daily search queries on Google now stands at over 4.7 trillion

Sources: Broadbandsearch.net, Internetlivestats.com

We focus our content writing on Google’s quality guidelines. Why? Because Internet users on desktops launch approximately 75 percent of all search queries on Google.  Furthermore, those using mobile devices initiate over 90 percent of all search queries on Google.  In other words, you want your website to attract the attention of Google – and we want to help you accomplish this goal.

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Why is SEO Blogging Important on Your Website?

You may be considering whether to add a regular blog to your business or organization’s website. However, you may be wondering if it’s worth your time and effort. You may already have a blog, but you’re disappointed that it’s not attracting many visitors to your site.

Sure, there’s a lot to consider before starting a blog on your website. Nevertheless, the following benefits make a good case for the value of blogging in attracting new visitors to your site. Therefore, it should rank high as part of your web strategy.
Here are seven benefits of blogging on your website.

  1. A blog provides updated content for more frequent indexing and chances for more favorable rankings on search engines.
  2. Regular postings can help you develop relationships with potential and existing customers.
  3. Informational articles can help you establish trust and credibility within your industry.
  4. Reader-centric posts offer an opportunity to connect these people to you and your brand.
  5. The information you offer can provide value for your readers.
  6. You can use your blog to get emails from potential and existing customers by asking them to subscribe to your posts.
  7. New blog articles create more opportunities for readers to share your post with others.

Source: The Benefits of Blogging for Your Small Business

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